Changing Seasons Changing Chapter!

New Chapter Activities
As summer winds to a close and autumn has officially started, our chapter continues changing as well.  We’ve started our first conference call business meetings and attempted our first monthly activity.  As expected there are some hiccups, including uncooperative weather for our precision landing competition which grounded everyone, but we plod on.

Mark Your Calendars!
Activities will usually be scheduled on the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 PM.
Business meetings will be on the 4th Monday of the month at 7:00 PM via conference call:   Conf Number: 1-805-309-5900
Conf Code: 145-241-665

October 7th Build Session
We will be converging on the Owens basement in Marshfield at 7:00 PM and messing around with various parts for a Bearhawk.  We’ll be working on wing parts.  Exactly what parts we will make remains to be seen but it should be a fun time for everyone.  The official address is: 1311 N. Lincoln Ave.

Meeting Minutes (Aug/Sept)

Present: Tom Jablonicky, Dwayne Parkinson, Alan Hughes, Noreen Doren, Chris Owens
New Business:

Dwayne opened the meeting at Marshfield and discussed the declining attendance. Discussed new ideas for how to reinvigorate the chapter.

  1. Split the business meeting off from a monthly activity.
  2. Make the focus of the chapter “doing” things rather than just getting together to handle business.
  3. Deal with the business of the EAA chapter on a conference call.
  4. Alan suggested insuring that there is food at each activity.  If you bring it they will come.
  5. Create a recruiting / mentor program where active members encourage inactive members or others to attend and keep them posted.
  6. Possible ideas for activities included:
    Sept – Precision Landing Contest
    Oct – Build Session (Owens)
    Nov – Unknown
    Dec – Christmas Party
    Jan – Build Session (Parkinson or maybe Tom Jakel or others)
    Feb – Ski Plane Chili Feed
    Mar – Young Eagle Event
    April – Weeks Hangar
    May – Possibly something with Bill Dieman (pre dar inspection party)
    June – Fly Out
    July – Pancake breakfast
    Aug – Build session (or possibly our own “fly in theater” style movie night or airport tower visit)
  7. Need to develop and market a schedule of events and insure we have solid activities three months in advance.

Upcoming Events – Alan Hughes is entering the Waupaca air race.


July 2013 News

Keep On Flying – and eating!
The Flying Hamburger Social continues to be a hit! The attendance at the last Medford hosted event was outstanding. The weather was nice and planes turned out by the dozens! We had to go get more food too! Thanks to all who helped make it a success.

We had a nice variety of airplanes flying in.  Experimental, classic and everything in between.  It was a very good day.

No space on the ramp!

Planes Parked Everywhere!



It’s that time of year again.  Time for the biggest fund raiser for our chapter. Setup will be Friday evening 7/26 starting at 7:00 PM.  Members are asked to show up for the breakfast at 7:00 AM on the 28th.

PARKING REMINDER:  The paved parking spots next to the hangar are premium spots and we have a lot of retired folks and handicap folks attending.  At one time last year there were 14 cars with handicap plates!  If you drive a car please park along the fence and leave the front spots that are paved for handicap accessibility.  Also, if you drive a motorcycle do NOT take up a parking spot, instead park along the side of the hangar.

EAA Chapter 992 Minutes – - Monday, July 8, 2013

Meeting held at the Marshfield Municipal airport/ Board room.


Chris Owens, Noreen Moen, Alan Hughes, Al Mader, Tom Jablonicky, Harry Dolan, Tyler Stargardt

Chris opened the meeting at 7 p.m.

Noreen read the notes made at last month’s meeting. As no formal meeting had been held, no vote was taken on accepting the minutes.

Harry presented the financial report for July 8, 2013. Since the last report was filed, $80 in chapter membership dues had been deposited, and no disbursements made.

Current bank balance:  $3,473.03.

Chris reported that arrangements have been made for a B17 ride for Mr. Johnson. His flight will take place at an event held in Madison on July 27, at 10a.m.  Chris plans on leaving here at 7 to attend – and be with the family as they participate. Other members are invited to participate. The price of the flight -$409.00

Some details for our fly-in/breakfast were discussed.  Set up will be on the preceding Friday evening at 7 p.m.  Members should be at the airport about 7 am on the 28th – and should bring any additional volunteers they can round up.

Posters about the event were made available – and signage – additional posters and signs can be picked up at the Marshfield airport – during business hours.

A brief discussion followed concerning the low number of pilots that participate in chapter activities – no solutions to that problem were presented but it was proposed that pilots be sought out – as they purchase tickets at the breakfast – and encouraged to join the chapter and to take part in chapter activities.

Supplies for the breakfast were mentioned – large coolers, heavy duty extension cords, ice, milk, etc. Anyone who can contribute – should bring along what they have to offer. Chris will purchase Milk, Noreen will purchase Ice. Chris will be coordinating the food supplies we purchase from the Eagles Club.  Tyler ’s parents have agreed to transport prepared food supplies from the Eagles Club to the airport.

June 2013 News

Wisconsin Flying Hamburger Social is a hit!

With the first couple fly outs officially behind us now, it’s safe to say that whoever dreamed up the idea of the Wisconsin Flying Hamburger Social is definitely on to something.  There’s now an official web site and a northern contingent!  If Wednesdays don’t work for you to attend the Central Wisconson fly outs, perhaps you can make it to one of those in Northern Wisconsin.  Here’s the official list of dates and locations:

7/11: Three Lakes – K40D
7/18: Tomahawk – KTKV
7/25: Crandon – KY55
8/1: Land O Lakes – KLNL
8/8: Phillips – KPBH
8/15: Eagle River – KEGV
8/22: Manitowish Waters – KD25
8/29: Rhinelander – KRHI

Hope to see you all there.

 Meeting Minutes

EAA Chapter 992 Minutes – - Monday, June 10, 2013

Meeting held at the Taylor County airport FBO picnic table, approximately 7 p.m..

Present: Chris Owens, Noreen Moen, Alan Hughes
As only 3 members were present, no formal meeting was held.
General conversation covered the topics of:
- B17 ride for Kenneth Johnson in Madison , July 27. Chris said he will immediately make final arrangements for that to happen. At some point during that day, we will need to set up the tables, etc for our breakfast to be held the next day.
- Noreen mentioned we still have not found someone to transfer food from the Eagles club to the Marshfield airport for the fly-in breakfast on July 28.  She said she would ask Tyler ’s Mom if she would be willing to do that.
- Any fly-outs considered for the upcoming weekend – nothing formal as it’s Father’s Day weekend. Families can do their own thing.  Chris said he plans to attend the fly-in breakfast in Middleton on July 14.
- We reminded each other that the chapter had been asked to participate in the Hamburger cookout to be held at Marshfield on Wednesday evening.
- Chris told us that being an EAA member gives us the perk of gaining free access to many science ( and other) museums around the country – he and his family had recently taken advantage of that opportunity in Chicago .
- Noreen mentioned it would be a good idea to have our breakfast posters printed and distributed earlier than in past years. She will contact Dave about the posters.
- She will also place a Notice in the Marshfield Herald prior to our Breakfast – including information about our chapter Scholarship recipients.

The group disbanded about 8 p.m
N. Moen, reported

May 2013 News



Fly Outs
With one of the longest coldest winters on record finally giving way to one of the wettest springs on record it naturally makes all of us start thinking about flying (assuming of course the sun still exists behind all those clouds).  Wautoma on June 16th and Middleton on July 14th are the next two possibilities for us.  Additionally, a weekly hamburger fly out has been initiated by our friends at the Wausau Downtown Airport.  The idea is that each Wednesday a different airport will fire up their grills and serve as hosts for the evening planning for airplanes to start arriving around 5:30.  The schedule for the summer is:
6/12 – KMFI (Marshfield)
6/19 – KSTE (Stevens Point)
6/26 – KISW (Wisconsin Rapids)
7/03 – KMDZ (Medford)
7/10 – KAUW (Wausau)
7/17 – KMFI (Marshfield)
7/24 – KAIG (Antigo)
7/31 – Airventure Week … no fly out planned
8/07 – KRRL (Merrill)
8/14 – 3WI4 (Flying O Airport – Wausau)
8/21 – KMFI (Marshfield)
8/28 – KAUW (Wausau)

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

EAA Chapter 992 Minutes
Monday, May 13, 2013
Meeting held at the Marshfield airport FBO boardroom.
Present: Chris Owens, Noreen Moen, Tom Jablonicky, Alan Hughes, Al Mader, Tyler Stargardt, Don Halloran, Matt Keifer, Harry Dolan, guest-Ellen McIllquham.
Chris opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m, and began by reading the minutes from the April meeting – a motion for approval was made, seconded/carried. Harry told the members the chapter bank balance remains at $3339.03. He has received $80 in membership dues he has not yet deposited.
- Old business: Regarding the B17 ride for a WW11 veteran – name correction from previous meeting – Kenneth Johnson.
- Chris has determined the EAA B17 will be visiting Madison on July 27, and he will make a reservation for Mr. Johnson to participate. Perhaps some of the chapter could be there to participate in the event. Chris has asked Brady Lane to write up the story – if possible.
- New business: Two scholarship applications were reviewed – Tyler Startgardt and Brady Wojit. Both applications approved – funds will be forwarded to the applicants if their fall semester transcripts are acceptable.
- Possible Fly-out destinations/dates were discussed. Possible dates: Wautoma June 16, Middleton July 14. A decision to be made at the next meeting in June. Alan suggested we participate in “Hamburger Night at the airport” events. He and his wife Cheryl will provide the food at the Medford Airport on June 5th and proposed the chapter sponsor the event in Medford on July 3. Discussion to follow at the June meeting.
- Harry told the members that when his term as treasurer is completed he would appreciate someone else taking over the reins. Terms of the executive to be reviewed.
- It was noted that as Mona will be unable to transport the prepared food for our breakfast(July 28) – we should all be thinking of someone who might take on that role.
- Adjournment at 8:05 Respectfully submitted by Noreen Moen Program:

- Chris and Matt briefly brought us up to date on their building projects.

Dave’s Ski Plane Fly-In & Chili Feed – Fun for almost everyone!

There was snow.  It was chili.  There was chili.  There were ski planes.  By all measures… it was a success.  One plane decided to protest the 10 degree temperatures by refusing to start, but other than that unfortunate pilot, most people had a good time.

As usual, we had a consistent stream of people coming and going to the event with the regular EAA chapter members hanging around, chatting and of course special thanks to Noreen for playing the role of the lunch lady.

We even got a write up in the Marshfield News Paper!  Our fame in the Marshfield paper then spawned an international news sensation as we were featured in the AOPA eBrief for 2/18.  

Must’ve been a slow news day.

As always, very special thanks go out to everyone who donated their time, money and energy to make this event happen.  Without the chili cooks, hamburger donators, crackers, cheese, soda and cider, we’d have no fly in.  Thanks everyone!

Here are a few photos from the event.  Enjoy.

Ski Planes 2013

Ye Old Challenger On Skis


Maule Ski Plane Prop Blast - I wonder who that could be...

Obligatory Ski Plane Crowd Shot 2013 - Only good looking members are shown


February 2013 News

143rd Annual Chili Feed & Ski Plane Fly In – 2/16
Does it sound more impressive if it’s the 143rd Annual?   This year will be a little different.  There will be several different styles of chili to sample from several different cooks.  You’re sure to find a style of chili to meet your tastes!

The good news this year is that we will definitely have snow for the ski planes to land.  Let’s hope for a record turn out!

Come on down and join the fun.  Here’s a picture of the chili feed from last year just to get your taste buds warmed up.

Chili Feed


The Fly Outs Are Coming!  The Fly Outs Are Coming!
Last year we attempted two “big” Fly-Outs.  Both experienced bad weather.  One was cancelled and the other we just plodded along through the rain.  This year we’re looking for ideas for shorter, more frequent fly-outs with a few long-run fly-outs mixed in between.  Simple things like short runs to Wausau for breakfast, maybe Iola, Phillips, essentially anywhere there’s food or something to do.  The goal is to get more frequent flying opportunities and shorter trips along with a few big adventures.  Bring your ideas to the next meeting!

Weeks Hangar Trip
Our spring trip to the Weeks Hangar in Oshkosh is in the planning stages right now.  Assuming the scheduling hasn’t changed at Oshkosh we’re looking at heading over there on March 2nd.  This is your chance to work on a real live B-17!  Don’t miss it!


Meeting Minutes
Meeting Called to order at 7:00
  • Chili Feed – Discussion about the upcoming Chili feed.
    • Date: 2/16
    • Times:  Setup @ 8:30  Doors Open @ 10:00
    • Making Chil – Chris, Noreen, Alan, Harry and Dave Wells will cook chili
    • Advertising: newspaper advertising (Noreen), flyers are on the web site & web site has been updated (Chris)
    • Beverages – Dwayne
    • Extension cords, crackers, coffee creamer, noodles, cheese, jalepeno’s, onions  – Dave
  • Scholarships
    • Received Tyler’s transcripts and forwarded check to university
    • Brady’s transcripts are still outstanding
  • Early Warning:  Pancake Breakfast will be 7/21 this year.
  • Weeks Hangar Trip: March is open so we’ll try for Saturday the 2nd of March  
  • Flyout:  Potential sites Cable, WI or CluckenFarten in Wautoma are potential sites, but also consider small simple fly outs to local spots.  Bring ideas next month and we’ll try to schedule a few outings.  The idea is to get more short quick fun flying trips.

July News

Pancake Success
By any measure other than temperature, the pancake breakfast was a huge success.  In spite of the sizzling heat, we had at least 25 airplanes fly in, lots of people driving in and our chapter got a nice write up in the local news paper.  Look for official numbers after the next meeting.  Until then, here are some action photos from the event.

We had a steady stream of drive in / foot traffic.

Busy tables filled with happy pancake eating visitors

And a large number of airplanes flying in. The increase in airplane traffic was probably related to two things. We had good flying weather and the earlier date meant that pilots who were normally preparing or already on their way to Oshkosh in years past were home with their airplanes and looking for a place to eat a pancake.

We had 25-30 airplanes. A refreshing number were vintage or experimental!

Everyone please bring your ideas on how to improve our pancake breakfast to the next meeting!  That way we can document them and next year look back in the minutes to see what brilliant ideas we had for improvements.

AirVenture is still going on.  There’s still plenty of time to spend at least one quality day at the event.  So far this year it has been excruciatingly hot with a torrential down pour or two thrown in for good measure so all of the rotten weather should be out of the way.  Enjoy the last few days.  It’s pointless to try to cover AirVenture in this blog, but here are a few shots from AirVenture this year that I thought would be interesting to the chapter.

This year AirVenture celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the Piper J3 Cub. It’s hard to believe there are so many Cubs still flying and even harder to believe how many made it to Oshkosh!

60 Years of Piper Cub - More Cubs than anyone has ever seen in one place.

I got this picture just for our resident Sonex builder. Notice how this builder used the NACA duct air intake as the start of his striping… doesn’t that Sonex have a NACA duct air intake?

Nifty NACA duct striping paint scheme.

We’ve all had to deal with the concern of some kind of critter making a home inside the cowl while the airplane is on the ramp. This guy solved that problem in a really creative way. Stuffed chickens!

Look close. A stuffed chicken in each air intake and another for the oil.

Of course it wouldn’t be a news letter without the obligatory Bearhawk reference. This year there was a lemon yellow Bearhawk at the show that had a LOT of detail on the upholstery and interior.

Bearhawk aircraft parked at the Bearhawk booth

On Tuesday evening our very own Chris Owens hosted the annual Bearhawk BBQ at his camp site. It was very well attended to say the least.

2012 Bearhawk BBQ at the Owens camp site.

Taking a little editorial freedom… one shot of the future Parkinson pilot playing on the pedal planes.

Meeting Minutes

Coming soon….

June News

Madeline Island Fly Out
Congratulations Chapter 992!  We had our first “successful” fly out as a chapter.  After calling off the original date due to thunderstorms, our “rain date” was just that. A rainy day. According to the rumor mill some people even had fun in spite of the weather!  Many thanks go to Allen Mader for procuring transportation for the day while we were on the island.

The fly out gang with the Caprice Classic in the foreground and the Archer, Stinson and Cessna in the background. From left to right Don Halloran, Bill Dieman, Allen Mader, Tom Jablonicky, Alan Hughes, Steven Parkinson, Lori Parkinson, Noreen Moen, Alex Owens, Chris Owens.

The fly-out started with the Marshfield gang landing in Medford with a flair.

Captain Chris demonstrating his fine landing skills for all to see.

In Medford, the Parkinson family in their trusty Stinson along with Alan Hughes and Tom Jablonicky in the flying club Cessna, joined up with the Archer and headed north. The group in the Cessna landed in Phillips along the way to pick up Bill Dieman as the other planes circled the city. After a few laps around Phillips, the three planes headed North dodging rain showers at Stinson speeds until the lake shore was in sight. We flew along the northern coast of Wisconsin as rain poured on one side of us and Madeline Island awaited on the other. We followed a series of islands and before long turned final into the light winds that were favoring runway 22. Allen Mader had left earlier in the day in his Challenger and was waiting at Major Gilbert Field (45R) on Madeline Island with our transportation for the day. It was an early 80′s vintage Caprice Classic complete with AM radio and three fuzzy dice.

After two trips into town with the Caprice, everyone was shuttled into the fine city of LaPointe.  Since it was raining the group decided that the first order of business was lunch. “Grandpa Tony’s” was chosen because Alex Owens has a grandfather named Tony and that’s just how decisions are made on Madeline Island.

Everyone having lunch, solving the world's problems and checking to see if/when the rain will stop.

Just the girls. Alex, Lori and Noreen.

After lunch, the group visited the museum in La Pointe and then set out for the beach even though it was still misting, drizzling or otherwise precipitating.

Chris & Alex riding in the Caprice (AM radio, headliner falling down, no muffler) Classic

It was a very scenic place and one that we should go back and visit when the sun actually shines. But in spite of the on again, off again, on again (mostly) rain, people seemed to have a good time.

Dwayne, Lori and Steven Parkinson on the way to the beach. Steven is catching a power nap.

The gang on the beach. Notice the dark clouds and Alan Hughes trying to get reception just to see if it will ever stop raining.

The lake was cold but the river was warmer. Plenty of water and sand for little kids.

In spite of the rain and mist, the fly out gave us a chance to see some of Wisconsin’s prettiest places from the air. Hopefully the next time we’ll have sunny weather. Thanks to all who participated. We’ll learn from this one and find ways to improve the next fly-out.

Airplane Building Updates
Bearhawk:  Dwayne showed the results of a couple of hours of working on rib stiffners which are little pieces of 1″ wide aluminum that get bent 90 degrees and riveted to the ribs of the Bearhawk.  Thanks (and a case of beer eventually) go to Tom Jakel for helping out with his sheet metal equipment.  Dwayne also showed a “mistake” on the aileron nose ribs where holes for the counter weight didn’t line up correctly between the left and right nose ribs so one set had to be made slightly oval shaped.  Concensus from the group was “don’t remake them” because the oval hole won’t have any structural implications.  A few favored remaking the parts just for peace of mind.

Sonex: Allen Mader has made progress on his Sonex as well.  He has fit, refit, refit and fit again the front cowling.  He has it in what he believes is the final location but if I were a betting man, I’d bet he moves it one more time because it’s 1/8″ off from where he wants it.

Marshfield Pancake Breakfast
Just a reminder that our big event for the year is fast approaching.  It will be earlier this year.  It’s scheduled to be on July 15th starting at 7:00.  Set up will be on the 14th.  Please check the web site, Facebook, Twitter or this blog for more details after the next meeting. Posters for the pancake breakfast will be left with Jeff at the Marshfield airport so Marshfield members can pick them up there for distribution.  You can also print a poster from our home page if you want.  

Meeting Minutes
Minutes of the June 11, 2012
EAA Chapter 992
Medford/Taylor Co. Airport FBO.

Present: Chris Owens, Dwayne Parkinson, Dave LeVoy, Tom Jablonicky, Noreen Moen, Tom Jakel, Don Halloran, Al Mader, Bill Dieman, Alan Hughes.

President Chris Owens opened the meeting at 7:10p.m. No formal minutes of the previous meeting were available. He reported that Harry had informed there had been no changes to the previous bank balance.

Chris and Dave confirmed that 3 applications had been received for our EAA scholarship. As our financial situation is healthy, if approved, all 3 applications could be approved. They should be reviewed soon ( probably at the July 9 meeting , so the winners can be announced prior to our pancake breakfast.

The July meeting will be held in Marshfield on July 9, set-up for the breakfast will be on July 14, and set-up on Sunday, the 15th to start at 07:00.   Posters for our Pancake breakfast would be left with Jeff at the Marshfield airport – so that Marshfield members could pick them up there – to distribute around town.

The June 16 fly-out to Madeline Island was discussed, with a departure time of 08:00 from Marshfield, and 08:30 Medford planned. Arrangements made for filling available aircraft seats. It is expected that bikes will be available at the LaPointe ( Major Gilbert Field) airport for island transportation.

The business meeting was adjourned at 8 p.m.

Respectfully submitted: Noreen Moen


April News

Can you believe April is upon us and I still haven’t completed the March news letter? OK.  There won’t be a March News Letter.  There are excuses of course, but none of them worth mentioning.  So we trudge onward into the joy of the Wisconsin flying season.

EAA 992 Name Tags
At the last meeting it was decided that we should use the $10 membership fee to get official name tags for EAA members to wear at meetings, AirVenture, the pancake breakfast, chili feed and other events.  The name tags have arrived and will be available for pick up starting with the May meeting in Medford.  Hopefully these name tags will make us more recognizable during the events as an EAA member.  The goal is to make our chapter more recognizable, personal and approachable.  Traditionally the $10 membership fee for our chapter has been used to cover the cost of printing and mailing the news letter but since everything has gone electronic we no longer incur those costs.  The decision was made to use the $10 this year for name tags.  Next year… who knows?

Upcoming Fly Out
We will be scheduling at least two fly-outs this year. One in early summer and one in early fall.  As you recall, our single attempt last year got fogged in. This year our first fly out will be to Madeline Island on Saturday 6/16 with a back up date of 6/23.  Visit for more information.  There is a bicycle/moped rental shop on the island that has agreed to pick us up at the airport and get us to their shop.  From there you can rent a bike or moped and see the entire island including the trail system in Big Bay State Park.  More details to follow.

Young Eagles Update
There is a LOT happening on the national scene with the Young Eagles program, including an adult version of the program coming this summer.  The first two adult eagle rides will be given at Airventure 2012.  At the local level, Starr LeVoy has retired as the Young Eagle Coordinator for our chapter after many many years of heading up the position.  Dwayne Parkinson has volunteered to be the Young Eagle Coordinator unless someone else wants to step forward.  Please contact Dwayne if you’re ready, willing and able.  Also, if you fly any Young Eagles going forward please forward their contact information to Dwayne.  If you have flown Young Eagles in the past and you have records of their name, address, etc. please forward that information to Dwayne as well.  You can send the information to

Taylor County Airport Changes
For those keeping track at home, there have been some changes at the Taylor County Airport lately.  Jim Wood has resigned as airport manager and is pursuing other interests.  Most of you know Jim because he is an EAA member from Medford who has been involved in our chapter.  He is building on a Double Eagle and also flies a powered parachute. As airport manager, Jim worked very hard to make the airport accessible to the community and especially our chapter.  He also led the Taylor County Airmen and has been instrumental in every event that occurred at KMDZ including the Upper Midwest Bearhawk BBQ and Cheese Extravaganza, the Young Eagle flights, Boy Scout events and the charity airshow a few years ago.  Whenever our chapter met at KMDZ Jim was also the one behind the scenes who made sure the hangar was open and the room was heated.

In typical “Jim” fashion, after he moved on he sent our chapter a nice “Thank You” for all of our support at those airport events and he encouraged us to keep up the EAA mission.  I’ll bring the thank you card to the next meeting in Medford so everyone can read it.  Jim is still around but will likely be moving closer to his new job in the near future.

Moving on; with Jim’s departure the airport will most likely restructure.  The latest rumors, speculation and general direction is that resources from the county will be used to do the maintenance (mowing, plowing, etc).  Rick Makovsky (assistant airport manager) will also do some of that work and provide services needed to assist pilots and aircraft, but there will be no airport manager any time soon.  There will be reduced hours of operation when a person is physically present at KMDZ simply because there’s only one person now.

Of course everything may change with the latest election and a new airport committee, but for now Rick will be on site to serve the pilots and he will also open the Hurd Hangar which chapter 992 will continue to use for our meetings at KMDZ.

Bearhawk Build Updates
Chris and Dwayne continue to make progress on their Bearhawks.  Chris explained some of the details of bending and fluting wing ribs at the March meeting.

Chris explaining how to flute wing ribs

Another action shot of the wing rib tutorial during the last meeting.

Since the meeting all of the nose ribs for the planes have been completed.

Bearhawk Nose Ribs

Meeting Minutes


Minutes of the April 9, 2012, EAA Chapter 992 meeting, held at the Marshfield Airport FBO.

President Chris Owens opened the meeting at 7:10p.m.

Minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and approved.

Chris handed out copies of the current financial statement.  The bank balance, after disbursements and deposits is $3,112.06. This balance reflects one payment made to Tom Jablonicky – a reimbursement for repair supplies for recovering a few damaged chairs.  Tyler Stargardt paid his chapter Membership dues – of $10.  Cash, to be forwarded to Harry for deposit.

Chris reported he had had further talks with John Hopkins, Weeks Hanger staff, as well as the membership – and the date of our visit has been changed to April 28. It may turn out that we will be working at the Pioneer Airport.  Travel arrangements will be worked on and forwarded to the membership prior to that date.

He also confirmed a few member names/spellings and will proceed with the order for member name tags.

Chris reported that several clinics are available during the months of April/May – in Wausau, including those of Stall/Spin recovery, Tail dragger experience, and beginning aerobatics. A list of the available clinics may be found at It was also noted that the Wausau Balloon Glow and rally will be held in July.

Chris said he is not aware of any contact from the Student intern-Rachel (Community Access T.V. ) who wished to have a Young Eagles plane ride.

Dates were reviewed for the Annual Pancake Breakfast and Fly-in – and confirmed to be July 15.  Set up to happen the day before, no time decided.

Noreen confirmed list of places to post advertisements for the breakfast – which includes: AOPA, EAA calendar, WI DOT/Aviation calendar, local T.V. channels, Medford Star News, and the Marshfield News Herald.  She will place the ads at the appropriate times.

The business meeting was adjourned at 8:00

Show and tell:

Chris showed the group samples of the wing ribs he is currently working on for his Bear Hawk Project.  Progress is being made.

Canadian fattening goodies provided for a snack.

Respectfully submitted:      Noreen Moen

February News

Who knew… February is the busiest month of the year!

Builder Updates:
Hatz Bi-Plane: Tom Jakel
Many of you remember that Tom brought some steel parts for his Hatz bi-plane project to a meeting a few months ago.   Unfortunately Tom’s business appointments haven’t allowed him to get to a meeting lately, but he has been making really great progress on his bi-plane. The wings are pretty much ready for covering.

Bi-Plane Wing

The fuselage is welded together.


And right now he’s working on the landing gear. Great progress Tom!!!

Bearhawks: Chris Owens & Dwayne Parkinson
The Bearhawks being built by Chris and Dwayne are making steady progress. The rough cut wing parts have turned into nicely shaped parts that look like they belong in an airplane. Here are the big wing parts for both planes.
Once the wing parts are cut to shape, the edges are smoothed using Scotch Brite sanding disks so stress cracks don’t form. The edges then get bent and over and “fluted” (put little dents in them) so the curved pieces lay flat after the edges are bent. Here are the half of the nose ribs for both planes, bent and fluted.

Bearhawk Nose Ribs

Beyond the big impressive pieces, Dwayne and Chris are also making progress on all of the little pieces such as flap nose ribs. Here are all of the flap nose ribs ready to go on the airplane!

Flap Nose Ribs


Dave’s Famous Chili Feed & Ski Plane Fly In:

We had a good turn out for our Chili Feed & Ski Plane Fly in.  Although we didn’t have enough snow for the ski planes to land, we still had a good turn out.  Five members from Medford flew in: Pat Colwell (Cessna 172), Don Earl (Luscomb), Bob Lee (Luscomb), Al Mader (Challenger) and Jeff Lemmenes (Archer).

As usual, Dave and Starr were the chief chili disher outers and as with any chili feed, it’s good to have a 50 gallon drum of mineral spirits and other flammable chemicals behind you… just in case.

The Chili disher outers

We had a steady flow of people coming and going.  At times we even had people lined up to get the chili.

Lining up to get chili!

We also got a visit from several EAA members from the Oshkosh chapter.  A couple of our members rubbed elbows and traded stories.

Oshkosh Visitors

Overall, we seemed to have a good turn out.  At one point all of the seats were taken… unfortunately this photo was taken after the rush, but it gives you an idea of how many people we were expecting.

Chili Feed

As usual, all proceeds go to fund chapter activities and scholarships.


Medford Middle School Mini Course

For the second year in a row EAA Chapter 992 has been instrumental in the Medford Middle School’s “mini-course” project.  The goal of the project is to take topics that aren’t normally taught in school (such as aviation… and ice fishing) and for three consecutive Fridays have students participate in two hour classes about that subject.  Last year we had seven students, this year we have 26!  The first session is spent in the class room, the next session is spent at the airport and for the third session we got permission to take all of the kids to the EAA Museum in Oshkosh for the day.

The course received incredibly good feedback from educators, parents, students and the school board last year so that along with the trip to a world class museum explains the growth from seven to 26 students (which is one over the maximum allowed).  Below are some shots from the first session which was taught in the classroom.  EAA members Al Mader, Pat Colwell, Allan Hughes and Dwayne Parkinson handled the first session.  They were joined by EAA members Julie Thums and Bob Lee for the session at the airport.

During the first session, Allan Hughes talked about the four forces of flight and did a great job of getting the kids involved.

Four forces of flight

He then went on to explain aerobatics.  Notice for this demonstration he switched from a low and slow model airplane to something a little more capable.

Aerobatic Jet

Al Mader talked about parts of an airplane and how they’re built.  Here you can see him showing parts from a challenger (not his).  He passed them around and the students were amazed at how light they were and the fact that they were made out of fabric!

Challenger Parts

He also explained some of the building process that goes into a more traditional airplane and showed parts from his Sonex which is currently under construction.

Sonex Parts

Look for an update on the last two sessions in the March BLOG entry!


Meeting Minutes
Date: 2/13/2012
Location: Marshfield, WI (KMFI)


Present: Harry Dolan, Tom Jablonicky, Allen Hughes, Jeff Lemmenes, Jim Masephol, Danny Rossow, Don Halloran, Alan Mader, Dave LeVoy, Taylor Stargardt, Noreen Moen, Chris Owens, and Mona Griffith.

Chris called meeting to order at 19:07

Treasurer Report:
Balance               $6,364.48
Disbursements    $2,769.97
Current balance  $3,614.51
Moved by Dave and seconded by Noreen

Minutes: Available on Website.

Old Business:

  1. Dues for this year:still being accepted $30.00 accepted.
  2. Repair of 6 large tables: by Tom J. Bill submitted. Thank you Tom.
    The next plan for tables will be to purchase white plastic tables if they need to be replaced.
  3. Chili FeedSaturday February 18, 2012, 10:00 to 13:00Chili – Dave
    Soda – Dwayne
    All – snacks.EAA staff to comeAdvertising Event:
    Community Calendar – local posted
    EAA Event Calendar
    Do we want to have paid advertisement listed in the newspaper?
    Agree, Noreen will take care of the advertisement.
  4. Scholarship:
    The scholarship form is on the EAA website. Notice to be given to Community Foundation and schools.

New Business:

    1. Medford: Middle School Aviation Mini Course:  Twenty six children participating in program at Medford.
      a. Thursday 2-16-12 Pre-Flight for plane at Hurd Hanger at MedfordAirport.
    b. Friday 2-24-12 Travel to EAA Museum

Date to remember:
Next Meeting Medford Airport March 14, 2012