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EAA Chapter 992
Marshfield Municipal Airport
Marshfield, Wisconson

With members flying from both Marshfield Municipal Airport (KMFI) and Taylor County Airport (KMDZ), Chapter 992 meets on the second Monday of each month, at 7:00p, alternately between Marshfield and Taylor County airports.

Marshfield Municipal Airport
Marshfield, WI
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Taylor County Airport
Medford, WI
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2010 Chili Feed and Ski Plane Fly In

  • 2010 Chili Feed: The Yellow Kitfox
  • 2010 Chili Feed: Approaching Marshfield from the South
  • 2010 Chili Feed: Final approach to Runway 34
  • 2010 Chili Feed: It seems so far away from here
  • 2010 Chili Feed: Dave LeVoy, the mastermind behind all that chili
  • 2010 Chili Feed: Everyone appears to be hungry
  • 2010 Chili Feed: Noreen's display board of wonder
  • 2010 Chili Feed: One of many photos of past experiences embedded in our table tops
  • 2010 Chili Feed: Jeremy Gruse from Trick Air brought some skis to display
  • 2010 Chili Feed: Duffy and Al heading out
  • 2010 Chili Feed: Duffy's had enough chili... time to go
  • 2010 Chili Feed: Friends on the ramp enjoying the beautiful day
  • 2010 Chili Feed: Luscombe and Junior Ace visiting from Medford
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After skipping a year due to poor winter weather, Chapter 992 could not have picked a better flying day to host a chili feed. With light winds and the temperatures in the 20s, at least a dozen aircraft joined us for the event.

Held on Saturday, February 13, 2010, from 10:00a to 1:00p at the Marshfield Municipal Airport, four ski planes blessed us with their presence. Included were a yellow Kitfox, shown to the right, two Super Cubs, and an unidentified high-wing taildragger ultralight. In addition, we were joined by several other classic and experimental aircraft including (from memory) a square-tailed C-182, a square-tailed C-150, an L-19 Bird Dog, a Lancair (sorry, I didn’t catch the designation), a Baby Ace, and a nicely polished Luscombe.

Dave’s chili was a hit, as expected. It has been historically told to be some of the finest around. Also welcomed were the variety of corn bread, desserts, and other goodies. He somehow managed to get all of the food, coffee and cider heated without popping the circuit breakers too many times in the hangar!

We were also honored by the arrival of Paul and Ann Seehafer, Chairman and Vice Chairman of the EAA Seaplane Base; Adam Smith, EAA’s Vice President of Membership; and Brady Lane, the “star” of EAA’s “Earning My Wings” series. It was a pleasure having them at our event.

I’d also like to extend many thanks to Jeremy Gruse, from Trick Air Skis in nearby Weyauwega, Wisconsin, for providing some of their fine aircraft skis for display and demonstration. Jeremy was also kind enough to man the display and answer questions about their products. For more information, visit their web site at http://www.trickair.com/.